Fall 2014
"NYA" MACH Emelines Jewel of the Nile MH UD WCX VCX CCA ** will be bred to " RILEY" Emberain Better Believe it MH***OS 


The pups will be whelped in our home and provided a very stimulating environment. The way puppies are raised has a big impact on their development and future ability to be great performance pets and family companions. The eight weeks spent here will be filled with lots of socialization and mental development. At day 3 the puppies will start a Bio sensor-Early neurological development program.  These exercises are thought to stimulate and help develop neurological and endocrine systems in puppies.


They will be exposed to lots of different toys, ramps, people, sounds, and game birds. At 6 weeks of age, if weather allows they will be taken on walks around the property to help with physical development.


Before going home they will have their first vaccinations, eye and heart screenings, and vet checked.


A Puppy Aptitude test will be done at 7 weeks. The aptitude test is an assessment of the puppies character and will help place the right pup with the right owners.


The litter due date is late fall winter 2014. The cost of either a male or female pup is $1800.
Riley pedigree .                                                      Nya pedigree .






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