About Us
We live on 8 acres near Rochester NY. All of our dogs live in our home and enjoy life with our son, daughter,and of course the cat.We seldom have puppies because training for field , obedience and agility takes up most of our time.
When we do have a litter, they are whelped in our home and provided a very stimulating environment. The way puppies are raised has a big impact on their develpment and future abitity to be great performance pets and family companions.
Their eight weeks spent here are filled with lots of socialization and mental development. At day 3 the puppies will start a Bio sensor -Early neurlogical development program. They are exposed to different toys, ramps, people,sounds and game birds. At 6 weeks of age they will be taken on daily walks around the property to help with physical development. At 7 weeks a Puppy Aptitude test will be done. The aptitude test is an assessment of the puppies character and will help ;lace the right pup with the right owner.
 Brita and Rosie( the cat )



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